Re: [tomato] Spoon variety (Park's) [was re: Tomato Digest V1 #384]

Betsy & Wigi Tozzi (
Mon, 19 Jun 2000 05:14:00 -0800 (AKDT)

Dear all,

Doreen is correct.  "Spoon" is a tiny cherry tomato variety currently sold
by Park Seed company.  The information regarding this variety can be found
at this URL:

Spoon is a tiny red fruited tomato that is not the same as Silvery Fir
Tree.  I suspect the reason that Gene jumped at that possibility is that
Silvery Fir Tree (SFT) has fern-like/carrot-top foliage.  But the fruit
sizes and descriptions of the two varieties make them sound otherwise VERY

guessing that Spoon may be open-pollinated and the seed may be worth
saving and growing out next year.  Rose, if you don't know how to save
tomato seed, may of this list's readers can help you, so let us know.

Fairbanks, Alaska

 On Sun, 18 Jun 2000, Doreen Howard wrote:
> Rose,
> Your spoon tomato is NOT Silvery Fir Tree.  SFT does have ferny or
> carrot-top foliage (it also goes by the name Carrot Top tomato)

Rose wrote:
> >GENE....can you point me to a source for "Silvery Fir" so I can check it
> out??  I'm assuming it is a hybrid????

Gene had written in response to Rose's initial request re: ID of "spoon":
> >>From:
> >>Silvery Fir.....maybe
> >>Gene