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>>Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 13:52:58 -0500
>>From: Rose Miller <>
>>Subject: [tomato] Spoon tomato????
>>Anyone ever hear of a SPOON tomato?  I bought a plant at the local
>>nursery...the foliage is feathery like a fern and it already is
>>producing TINY sweet tomatoes about 1/8 tsp. size...hence the name I
>>guess for 8 of them fit in a teaspoon...I haven't seen it in any of
>>my tomato books...much bigger than a GRAPE tomato...I have it in a
>>big pot on a trellis...not caged...and it is a real conversation
>>Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 18:41:44 EDT
>>Subject: Re: [tomato] Spoon tomato????
>>Silvery Fir.....maybe
>GENE....can you point me to a source for "Silvery Fir" so I can check it
>I'm assuming it is a hybrid????
Both Spoon and Silvery Fir Tree tomatoes are OP. I think it was George
Gleckler's seed list that commented that Silvery Fir Tree tomato was a
novelty, grown for its interesting foliage, but the tomato wasn't much for
flavor. Subsequently I've read that some people like it. I've grown both, I
didn't find the Silvery Fir Tree tomato foliage all that different or
interesting. A friend tasted one of the tomatoes and liked it, but I didn't
get to before an unexpected frost wiped out the fruit. Spoon tomatoes are
tee-tiny, and quite seedy as I recall. I wasn't motivated to grow them a
second time. Margaret L