Re: [tomato] Spotty Tomatoes (
Tue, 20 Jun 2000 11:29:50 EDT

    Sunscald makes white blistery lesions on the tomato and happens when the 
foliage is too sparse to shade the tomatoes or gets rearranged in such a way 
that the fruits are exposed to the sun. Does that sound like what is going 

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> I have an assortment of tomatoes and they seem to do very well in the early 
>  spring, but as summer progresses, the fruit develops white blotchy spots 
>  under the skin.  The spots can sometimes cover large areas, are very 
>  and seem to cause early deterioration of the fruit.  It affects all 
> varieties 
>  except the cherry.  Has anyone seen this problem before and know the cause 
>  and a solution?
>  Richard V.
>  Northern Florida