Re: [tomato] Thick Skin Tomatoes (
Thu, 22 Jun 2000 12:15:09 EDT

I wasn't aware that there was a difference in skin thickness with climate. 
Are the tomatoes in the north more prone to cracking or vice versa? 
    (The alleged "Big Beefs" had by far the thickest skins I've ever seen on 
a home grown tomato, in fact thicker than even any store bought one I can 
think of. We ended up using them for fried green tomatoes after it was 
obvious that nothing good was going to come from the plant.)

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> Karen,
>  Yes, it's true that tomatoes grown in hot, southern climates develop 
>  skins--no matter the variety.  It's a natural defense against evaporation.
>  Doreen Howard
>  Zone 4b, where the toms have thin skins; formerly of Zone 9b, where you had
>  to peel the toms, because the skins were so thick!