[tomato] Unidentified Tomato Pest

Kristina Fritz (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Mon, 17 Jul 2000 18:07:58 -0400

Something has been chewing small holes in the leaves of my tomato plant and
causing the leaves to yellow, wither and die.  I went for closer inspection
and found 3 little green bugs.  They're about 1/4 inch long, light green,
and shaped like a very plump almond.  They have little white spikes lining
the edges of their back.  Attached to their tail end they each carry
something that looks like a brown dried up leaf thats roughly triangular,
which they carry like a little shield over their backs and threaten you with
when you disturb them.  I flipped one over and looked at him and he appears
to have a tiny head with tiny pinchers and about 6 legs.  They can move
around slowly, but don't hop or fly.  Anyone know what they are?  I can't
find them in my pest book, but I'm pretty sure they're doing the damage.


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