Re: [tomato] yellowing leaves

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Tue, 18 Jul 2000 12:45:31 -0600

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><< It's possible that it's a variety that gets leaf yellowing as the leaves
>become old.  Is the yellowing appearing restricted to the bottom
>leaves/branches or is it moving up the plant?
>  >>
>Mine are moving up the plant

Mary-Anne, I apparently didn't receive the first post about this. Do these 
yellow leaves feel leathery? Are top leaves curling and have purple veins? 
You're at an extreme margin for curly top virus, but I have known that it 
has hit in the Oakland area. I think you're further west, aren't you? Curly 
top is spread by beet leafhoppers (and they can ride the winds for up to 
250 miles or so), and the @#$% virus afflicts eggplants, peppers, squash, 
beans and a number of ornamentals, too. Just depends on what the critter 
bit. I hope you don't have that in your garden. It's fatal, and obviously 
you can't spray for transient leafhoppers...I'll watch for your initial 
post on this problem...Best regards, Margaret L