Re: [tomato] pruning tomatillos?

Betsy & Wigi Tozzi (
Tue, 25 Jul 2000 00:46:16 -0800 (AKDT)

On 24 Jul 2000, akum norder wrote:
> can they be pruned? I live in upstate NY
> & my plants are huge. Don't want to damage the plants, but they're
> getting very, very large!  Thanks. 

Hi akum, I am confident that Margaret is right on both counts (you should
be able to prune them, but it will reduce your harvest).  You may want to
investigate using a trellis or netting to help you make it less unwieldy.
There are typically two types of tomatillo plants -- one is very low and
sprawly; the other is more upright, bushy and branchy.  The thing about
tomatillos is that it takes a lot of fruit to do anything with 'em, so
most people growing them just let 'em sprawl.

Fairbanks, Alaska