Re: [tomato] tomato problems (
Thu, 27 Jul 2000 15:26:25 EDT

<< I admit that I have no appreciable number of yellowing leaves.  I had no
disease of any kind last year, and none apparent this year.  I do not use
ANY herbicides at all.  I do: >>

We have basically had trouble free organic gardens for over 20 years then 
boom!  Some plants we bought last year (hubby and I disputed this one) had 
yellow and dead leaves.  Hubby "thought" he could nurse them back, I said 
sickies don't buy them.  So this year we've been hit again with ? whatever it 
is.  I'd like to think it's the white flies.  We have now sprayed w/Savers as 
MIL insisted it's the best, is organic, etc.  So now we will attack/spray 
every 3 days for 3 or 4 applications and HOPE!!!!

It's dry here so no splash and we use a drip system.

I did remove affected foliage (about half the leaves) and am hoping we will 
win this battle.  Otherwise I guess we'll need to learn how to sterilize our 
soil and tools etc. for next year.  *sigh*

Alamo, CA (1 hour from the largest tomato growing area in the US "Sacrotomato"
, CA)
USDA Zone 9B
Sunset zone 14/15