Re: [tomato] Tomato Digest V1 #404

Bob Addison (
Sat, 29 Jul 2000 23:27:18 -0500

First time corresponding,  been subscribing since about #350.

Live in Twin Cities, MN 

Growing tomatoes in pots, 15" dia. and 15" tall sitting on a concrete
slab (base for a screenhouse that blew away)  maintains heat during 
the night.  Growing six different varieties, doing quite well only found
2 w/blossom end rot.  The plants are protected with cages made from 
concrete re-enforcing mesh five feet high and anchored to the slab
most plants are a foot above the cages.  BUT MY QUESTION IS:
 I have a drip system each pot is fed with a ..35 gph dripper.  The timer
is set for ten minutes out of every hour starting at 11:AM to 4:PM.
Seems like a lot but the plants wilt if it is set for less.  What is the 
recommended method? 
Bob Addison