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Betsy Lasarow Tozzi (
Tue, 1 Aug 2000 00:57:49 -0800 (AKDT)


Why are you doing 15 minute waterings instead of watering "all at once"?
Although there is an allure to the idea that the controller *can* do that,
I think it might actually be better to water in a single pass.  If this
quantity of water regularly exceeds the capacity for the pot, it would
make sense to cut back a bit, although I generally prefer to water to the
point of run-out from container-grown tomatoes.  What has me concerned is
the wilting you experienced when you cut back on the watering before.
That suggests that the plant's vascular system is pretty fragile.  

Also, I'd err above 1" per week in a container growing environment; you
may want to evaluate the actual qty of water delivered... drip systems
deliver a lot right below the drippers, but you want to make sure you're
getting good coverage to all the edges of the pot (i.e., sides & bottom).  

We're guessing that you're growing outside.  If you're growing inside a
greenhouse, as we do with most of our varieties, there are a few other
things I'd suggest for container growing.

Since you're using mycorrhizal inoculum, have you adjusted your nutrients
accordingly?  I think you're on the right track mulching the plants,
although I remember hearing something (surprising) suggesting that bark
mulches can be more harm than help.  It was discussed in my Master
Gardener group, so I'll see if I can get a bit more info on that.

I'm hoping that your earlier watering will help reduce stress on your
plants and get up cranking out tomatoes for you. Meanwhile, keep on
growing and let us know how you're doing! 

Fairbanks, Alaska

On Tue, 1 Aug 2000, Bob Addison wrote:
> >From Bob Addison
> A follow-up my query about timing on a drip system;
> (Should have said 10 min out of every hr. from 11;am
> TO 4:10 pm [six waterings] total of 60 min.) 
> Just went out and re-checked the flow-rate into one of 
> my tomato pots.
> Caught 6 OZ of water in 10 Minutes.
> =36 OZ /hr. or 65 cu. in./hr
> 1" in a 15" pot is equal to 176 cu. in. (71% of a gallon)
> This makes 65 37% of a weeks quota. 
> (231 cu. in.= 1 gallon)
> Water starts running out of the bottom about the fourth
> ten minute feeding.
> Of course if it rains I turn it off for a day and if it is a
> hard rain I'll leave off longer.
> Have about 1" of Cyprus bark mulch on top of the soil and
> use mycorrhizal fungi.
> Upon Betsy's recommendation I'm changing my watering times
> to 15 min @ 7:AM, 15 min @ 8:AM, 15 min @,9:AM and 15 
> min @ 10:AM
> Bob