Re: [tomato] What is this tomato?

William McKay (
Fri, 04 Aug 2000 11:41:08 GMT

Sorry, I don't know what you have.  What I do know is the Druzba I got from 
the same place does not appear to be a Druzba.  It too is taking a hit from 
blight (but then so are most of my tomatoes-this has been a summer from hell 
as far as tomatoes & disease are concerned.  For what it is worth, I have 
had good luck with TGS regarding their seeds.

Bill McKay in E. Massachusetts

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>I planted Druzba from Tomato Growers Supply, and it didn't occur to me 
>until yesterday that what was growing wasn't Druzba, but something else. 
>Per Carolyn Male's book,Druzba is  Late Mid season, 8 oz to 1lb., heave 
>foliage, and tolerance of disease. What is growing is early midseason 
>(starting to ripen now which would be 70-75 days), light foliage, 2 lb+, 
>and the only tomato out of 15 varieties to be hit by early blight. It has 
>ribbed shoulders, grows in groups of 3, slightly heart shaped with a 
>flattened bottom. Any ideas?
>I also planted Climbing Trip-L-Crop, which started growing great, but seems 
>to have stopped growing, blossems started to abort, and I found 1 branch 
>with all the leaves wilted. Anyone grow this type?
>Kim Barwick
>zone 5

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