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Probably tomato hornworms.  Do they have a 'horn' on their rear?  The white
sacs are egg sacs from a predatory wasp - that is good - will destroy the
horn worms.  The black stuff are the droppings of the worms.

Best bet - the ones with the white sacs take off the plants and deposit them
somewhere where the white sacs can mature - will help control hornworms in
later seasons.  The ones without the white sacs destroy.  Easiest method -
if you can do it - is to snip them in half with scissors (dedicated garden
scissors - don't use the best dressmaking/embroidered scissors).


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> I have some tomato plants in a planter on the deck.  I
> noticed 2 caterpillars on them.  They are large (about 2
> inches long) green with white sacks attached all over
> their bodies.  I noticed black droppings on the deck
> under these bugs.  The plant is producing plenty of
> fruit but seem a little wilted but I think that is more
> a factor of water (they dry out quickly in the planters)
> I have one plant out in the yard that apparently does
> not have any of these pests on there yet and it is doing
> fine.  Anyone know what these are?  Can I just kill them
> and be done with it or are more steps needed?
> Tom
> St. Louis, MO