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 Aren't you the one we have to thank for developing the Green Zebra?
 SF Bay Area
    Yes, I released the GREEN ZEBRA in my catalog called the Tater Mater 
Seeds initially in 1983.  Since I have been breeding tomatoes since 1954, the 
variety is a result of nearly 25 years of breeding, selecting, breeding, 
selecting, etc.  The composite of four heirloom varieties went into the mix.  
I have done tens of thousands of different crosses in my life and I set out 
from the get go to achieve exactly what I wanted in the case of the GREEN 
ZEBRA.  I had hundeds of F-4 progeny lines and finally settled in on a 
selection I wrote down as the 60% stripe version.  I had 5%, !0%, 40%, and 
80% green stripe clones.  I grew out the segregating lines until they were 
true breeding and all the while selected for flavor, size, shape, production 
and whatnot with two generations each year with the aid of a small lean-to 
greenhouse.  I was constantly searching for a bit of tang in the greenhouse 
and in the field, and boy, did I get it.  The only version of mine that was 
released was this line but I have many of the older selections yet.

     I have since then developed many hundreds of green zebra types, in all 
sizes, shapes, flavors, plant habits, and I hope to someday release them too. 
 I have yet to find someone to help me do this.  The market and gardeners 
don't know what they are missing not having these new lines to try out.  I 
have done flavor tests in limited areas and the public goes crazy about them. 
 They all ask,  "When can we get some seeds of these new ones?"   I just tell 
them, "Maybe never!"

     In my local grocery store, they are selling GREEN ZEBRA tomatoes for 
$4.99 per pound!   And to think that I have much better ones available.   No 
seed company will work out details that benefit me to release them through 
them, so I am still waiting.  

    I  welcome comments.

Tom of Bakersfield