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Thu, 18 Jan 2001 01:50:20 EST

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<< The dev and distribution and proper payment seems to be a major issue in 
 plant world.
 Must be a tough bus.  spending all those years developing something and just
 have it stolen from you.
 Byron >>

To Byron and others,

     I wouldn't mind it so much if the Green Zebra will open some doors for 
me.   I developed the Green Grape tomato too, but only a few places on the 
web or in catalogs will show that I have developed them through old-fashioned 

     I could name people and companies that have used my material without my 
acknowledgement, but this is an on-going thing.  You have to have money to 
protect yourself, and contracts of the past were broken numerous times.  If 
you have no money, going to court is out of the question.  

    I have tons of new material so much better than my old lines that I feel 
that the future still holds some promise.  I have a Green Zebra that has 
Fusarium 1,2,and 3 tolerance, verticulium tol., TMV tolererance, nematode 
tolerance, chilling tolerance, and so on.  If the public doen't need that 
then maybe the producers do.  I have hybrid lines that would avoid the OP 
problem.  I have too much invested in my work to send out seed again without 
some job or investment with an outside entity.  With double digit 
unemployment in my area of the country, I have not had a full time job in 10 
years, and I try somewhat to survive with sub. teaching jobs.

Tom of Bakersfield