Re: [tomato] green zebra developer?

William Dellinger (
Thu, 18 Jan 2001 10:46:47 -0600


What is a normal fee or percentage that should be paid to the developer. If I
sell or give away any seed from your varieties, I send you the money. Fair's
fair, and Green Grape and Green Zebra are varieties I appreciate.

Bill Dellinger (in Missouri)

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>  To Byron and others,
>       I wouldn't mind it so much if the Green Zebra will open some doors for
>  me.   I developed the Green Grape tomato too, but only a few places on the
>  web or in catalogs will show that I have developed them through
> old-fashioned
>  breeding.
>       I could name people and companies that have used my material without my
>  acknowledgement, but this is an on-going thing.  You have to have money to
>  protect yourself, and contracts of the past were broken numerous times.  If
>  you have no money, going to court is out of the question.
>      I have tons of new material so much better than my old lines that I feel
>  that the future still holds some promise.  I have a Green Zebra that has
>  Fusarium 1,2,and 3 tolerance, verticulium tol., TMV tolererance, nematode
>  tolerance, chilling tolerance, and so on.  If the public doen't need that
>  then maybe the producers do.  I have hybrid lines that would avoid the OP
>  problem.  I have too much invested in my work to send out seed again without
>  some job or investment with an outside entity.  With double digit
>  unemployment in my area of the country, I have not had a full time job in 10
>  years, and I try somewhat to survive with sub. teaching jobs.
>  Tom of Bakersfield
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