Re: [tomato] Average last frost for northern Virginia? (
Mon, 2 Apr 2001 12:09:00 EDT

Hi Todd-regarding the planting date for tomatoes:  I live a bit north of 
Baltimore and I figure planting time for tomatoes is about the second week in 
May for me.  About 10 miles south in Baltimore proper I would consider the 
first weekend if the ground has had a chance to warm up but probably 
not....Tomatoes are warm weather creatures and they will just "sit there" 
until it warms up anyways.  I use roofing paper and put about a  6-8" collar 
around the outside of my cages to prevent wind burn for the first couple of 
weeks also.  The black paper seems to keep the plants a bit warmer also...I 
would rather err on too late than too soon but I may be in the minority on 
that view.  Happy planting!  Connie in Hunt Valley, MD