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Sat, 21 Apr 2001 21:55:42 -0700

There are quite a few determinate cherry tomatoes. Gold Nugget & Tumbler
come to mind. Your description of Cherry Express sounds quite a bit like
Tumbler. However, Tumbler seeds usually sell for something like 10 seeds for
$2.00. Hope yours weren't as expensive.

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Subject: [tomato] Cherry Express

> I'm a new subscriber to the list and am looking forward to reading
> everyone's tomato growing experiences this year.
> I was at my local nursery this morning getting ready for the upcoming
> vegetable season.  They had a tomato variety called Cherry Express which I
> have never heard of, and can't find any information about on the Internet.
> The tag on the plant said something like, "Perfect for pots, no staking",
> which sounds like it's a determinate variety.  Is there such a thing as a
> determinate cherry tomato?
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