Re: [tomato] zone 7

Doreen Howard (
Sun, 27 Jan 2002 13:19:08 -0600

Glenn Sutherland wrote:

>uh, nothing fancy
>Better Boys, and 10-10-10

Try digging compost and/or composted manure (in the 40 lb. bag) into the top
6 inches of your tomato bed. Side dress plants 2 weeks after setting them
out with 1/4 cup of pelleted fish meal or 2 tablespoons of Osmocote or any
other pelleted gradual release fertilizer.  Your plants will have plenty of
nutrition, and all you will have to do is supply water on a regular basis.
Soaker hoses and drip systems simply this, too.

Good tasting varieties for your climate are (in my humble experience):
Striped German or German Striped (same tomato, just different name)
Southern Night (determinate potato leaf that sets big crops)
Mexican Midget (pea size, sets in trusses, and offers a burst of intense
tomato taste)
Big Beef (the only hybrid I'd recommend)--has a nice flavor, big cropper and
disease tolerant

You can find seeds for all these varieties at Tomato Growers Supply.  They
have a web site which you can find by putting their name in a search engine.

If you are relying solely on transplants sold in your area, you are missing
out on flavor, for sure.  Tomatoes are not difficult to start from seed.
Doreen Howard