RE: [gardeners] Digest and ?

Lillian Kepp (
Wed, 17 Sep 97 14:51:12 PDT

Welcome aboard Wiz.  You say you're from Central Ohio so I guess 
your not from OZ. :)  I'm from South Central Ohio, Chillicothe.

We are having a Pass-along Plant day here next Saturday, the 27th.  
This is the first annual one.  Just got it started.  Anyone from 
around here can email me private and I'll give them details if 

About gardeners-digest.  I just subscribed to see if it was working.
Send message to
Leave subject line blank.
In body of message put: subscribe gardeners-digest

If you don't get a welcome message back - send same message to:

If I were you I wouldn't sign off the "regular" list until I got a 
digest.  Just to make sure things are working ok.  This list is very 
new and we are still working out our "birth pains".

Lillian Kepp

On Wed, 17 Sep 1997 13:39:46 -0400 (EDT) wrote:
>Hi Everyone!
>Is there a digest for this list? From looking at my mail box..
>uhmmmm.... looks like I need to prune it some! :-) Actually I
>need to organize it...just couldn't resist the pun.
>Question...How long do tulips last (bloom) Our daughter asked for
>a tulip flower bed  for her graduation present! My Dh and I are in 
>process of making a raised bed to plant her tulips in. I don't want
>the bed to look all straggly, (Is that a word?) :-) after they 
>Can anyone help me out with suggestions on what to do, or what 
>to plant after the tulips quit blooming? In other words HELP!!!! 
>Yeah, I guess it is pretty obvious by now that I have never planted 
>before. <grin> I want very much, to make this special for my sweet 
>daughter. And I don't want to drive my hubby crazy while doing it!
>Thanks for your time...I sure appreciate it.
>I live in Central Ohio, Zone 5
>Blessings ~ Wiz <--- who is not <sigh> a wiz at tulips!