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Fri, 19 Sep 1997 18:58:52 -0700

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>Margaret Lauterbach <> wrote:
>> George, they've had a recent thread running on OGL.  I don't know whether
>> you're back on there or not. Tony and Moira from NZ are advocating no-till
>> flower and veggie beds...put at least 10 sheets of newspaper on top of sod,
>> in the configuration you want your bed, water it down then top it off with
>> 5 to 6 inches of compost. By spring it will be good to plant in, and you
>> don't have the sod removal effort.  If you want to wait until
>> spring...Best, Margaret
>Are they in cold or warm winter areas or does that even matter?
>Since I'm anticipating being laid up in the near future I'm only 
>planning to expand 2 beds that need to be deeper rather than putting 
>in new ones.  I've heard this idea being kicked around here and there 
>and would love to do this if it will work.
Liz, Tony and Moira, who are advocating this, are in a warm winter area,
notably New Zealand.  They know they're advising people who are in cold
winter areas, however.  I doubt this would work in northern Minn., Alaska
or Maine, but I think it will work in Idaho.  For instance, leaves we till
into the soil in November is pretty well completely composted by March,
when we till for spring.  I think turf would be dead, and soil softened for
planting by that time.  Margaret