Re: [gardeners] Shrub/tree mania - and it's all Liz' fault

George Shirley (
Sun, 21 Sep 1997 11:46:58 -0500 (CDT)

At 09:34 AM 9/21/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Atlanta's god-awful drought continues, even as the new shrubs/trees start 
>arriving at my favorite nursery. Fall planting ain't going to happen until 
>we get some rain (and it was also 93F! yesterday!!), but my Fall 
>binge of wanting to scarf up "can't live without" stuff is underway. 
>After two hours of rationalizing, bartering with the Fates and other acts 
>of self-delusion, I'd gotten my "wish list" down to eight shrubs/trees (I 
>had started the nursery junket promising myself to limit myself to three 
>new shrubs). Leaving my list with my Enabler (masquerading as nursery 
>employee) so I could sleep on it and call this morning with the final 
>purchase OK, I had just about talked myself into cutting the list down to 
>five plants. Then I read Liz' note about the Japanese Maple. That did it. 
>I'm getting all eight....and maybe a couple more things that just might 
>not be there next week.
>Thanks, have just contributed to my deepening addiction and 
>on-going fiscal crisis and plant budget deficit. <bg>.
>Will post the list of goodies when I get home from nursery later today. I 
>think the biggest "coup" is the Silky Stewartia. Any Stewartia is 
>magnificent, but I've never been able to locate this variety 
>locally before.
>Catharine, the unrepentent addict
>Atlanta, zone 7b
Of course the Silky Stewartia is named after Martha isn't it?

George, feeling better this day