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Seyfried,Alice (
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 14:32:38 -0400

Are you saying that you will use **2 gallons +** of dried basil in a
year??!!!  Holy Hannah!  I've got about 2 quart jars  filled with the
basil I dried this weekend and I probably won't use half of it in a
year.  I dried mine in the oven set at about 140F (the lowest I could
set it). Left it in there for about 8 hours. I don't know if it would've
dried well in less time because I put it in before I went to bed, so I
didn't check on it at all. Tastes great, though.

Alice in London, Ohio (zone 6) where it was so cold last night, that
hubby ran down to give the furnace a quick test.

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	Harvested about a peck of basil leaves today and am in the
process of drying
	them in the old dehydrator. Have to do them outside as the wife
	tearing up and sneezing from the smell of them. The variety I'm
	Mammoth, from Johnny's Seeds has just now started to set buds. I
have cut
	them back from 24 to 30 inches to 4 to 6 inches about 5 times
since spring
	and have approximately 2 gallons of crushed, dried leaves in
containers now.
	Think I will grow that variety again next year.