RE: [gardeners] New Garden Based Cookbook

Lillian Kepp (
Thu, 2 Oct 97 22:34:55 PDT


Another thing I like is the Kitchen Garden magazine.  Has info on 
how to grow the plant and then recipes using it.

Lillian Kepp

On Thu, 2 Oct 1997 14:31:54 +0000  Liz Albrook wrote:
>Yesterday I picked up Deborah Madison's latest cookbook entitled 
>_Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone_.  It's enormous, containing 1400 
>recipes, and is a good companion book to her previous efforts _The 
>Greens Cookbook_ and _The Savory Way_.
>Madison's writing is elegant, her recipes sublime.  Here is a 
>who gardens and cooks from her garden, who has recipes that embrace
>products available from the garden togethor.  You won't read "add a
>tsp of dried oregano and 1/2 tsp. of thyme" very often in this 
>Madison is great for teaching the use of fresh herbs of all types,
>many of which are available only to gardeners including various
>thymes, basils, chervil, sorrel, etc.  The book contains recipes 
>just about every type of vegetable you are likely to grow or see in 
>greengrocer's store.
>According to the cover, the book is introductory priced at $35 
>through January at which time the price goes up.