[gardeners] Lurkers come out

Lillian Kepp (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 2 Oct 97 22:38:02 PDT

The last time I checked we had about 35 folks signed on the list.
Most of you are lurkers.

How about introducing yourselves so we can all meet.  I'd love to 
know what kind of gardening you do, etc.  I love to meet new folks.

I'm Lillian Kepp, live in South Central Ohio and my main interests 
right now are chiles, gourds, tomatoes, and any plant I can grow for 
dried arrangements.  I also have put in a small pond (125 gallon) 
with a small waterfall.  I'm also trying to grow a lot of perennials 
just to look at.  They don't need to be cut flowers or ones to dry.

I'm planning ot going to the Ohio Gourd Show this Saturday and the 
Olde Thyme Herb thing next Saturday.  I should make one of them, if 
not both.  Things right now depend on when my grandchild decides to 
make his apperance.

How about you?  Can we get a small introduction?

Lillian Kepp