[gardeners] Introduction

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 3 Oct 1997 09:23:43 -0500 (CDT)

I think many of the members of this list know of me. There's me and the
wife, called Momma on the lists, and Sleepy D. Shirley, the rat terror (and
no, that's not a misspelling.). We garden in Sulphur, Loosiana on a city
lot. Veggies in a raised bed that's 16 X 24, other veggies stuffed in
wherever there's room, and flower beds and flower trees everywhere else. We
have ambitious plans to move all the azaleas in the back yard to one area
for a grouping and then convert the over 5000 square feet into herb gardens,
perennials, etc with just paths meandering through. Also a small artificial
creek about 20 feet long with a pond at each end. As the property slopes to
the back it should be interesting. We've been married 37 years come December
and come from gardening families so we've been planting and harvesting since
we can remember. Is the fact that our pressure canner (21 qt) is 32 years
old help with that vision. Our daughter gardens in Splendora, TX where she
is a pre-k teacher and also teaches at the community college nearby. Our son
works for Harris County, TX (Houston) and he and his wife are expecting
their first child, our fourth grandchild. He grows house plants as they live
in a duplex and don't have any outside space. Momma does most of the heavy
work due to me having severe angina and I grow the herbs, lots of herbs,
plus do the carpentry work, the garden planning, cook and can and preserve.
Momma's an artist and teacher by trade and I do industrial safety
consulting. Sleepy Dawg provides therapy for us both and keeps the varmints
out of the garden.