[gardeners] Intro

Dee Dee (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 3 Oct 1997 10:11:00 -0700

I'm Dee Dee (really!). I'm a software engineering manager at a Silicon
Valley company by day and gardener when I can find the time. We have
a small garden at the house and two community plots in the neighborhood.
All gardening is organic.

I grow mostly veggies and flowers but am alway looking for something 
new to try. This year was peanuts. They are still alive, but the deer
kept them in neat short clumps. What are they supposed to look like?

Every year, my mum and I have a contest between us. The winner has the 
chore of disposing of both entries. We choose something, anything! and 
see who can grow the biggest, longest, etc. This year it was sunflower,
and mine was bigger. You can see a picture of it at 
Next year, we are talking about doing ears of corn :-)