Re: [gardeners] Mildew

Terry King (
Tue, 07 Oct 97 23:02:25 -0700

On Tue, 07 Oct 1997 22:16:35 +0100, Ethel Dover wrote:

>Hi Terry: Yes, I know where Midway is and Grand Forks too.  You're on
>our scenic #3 Hwy.  I'm in Vernon and on journeys in the summertime have
>often passed your way.  I like your mildew recipe and intend to see if I
>can help my plants.  Next year I hope to catch the problem before it
>gets ahead of me. Thanks again. 

Your welcome.  You'll have to tell me the good nurseries up your way.  I saw 
some big ones along Hwy 97 during the summer but had no opportunity to stop 
and see them.  Hopefully I will next spring/summer.

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