Re: [gardeners] Mildew

Terry King (
Wed, 08 Oct 97 09:39:37 -0700

On Wed, 8 Oct 1997 01:19:15 +0000, Liz Albrook wrote:

>Greetings from Lewiston, ID.  We all live in the same part of the 
>world perhaps we share something as regards powdery mildew.  I 
>noticed that bindweed seems to be a favored host for powdery mildew.  
>In fact, everywhere I have bindweed I have pm and none of the areas 
>without bindweed have any pm.  Are you guys seeing anything like 
>The pm starts out on the bindweed and spreads to the plants the 
>bindweed touches.  I've found that by just pulling the bindweed I 
>solve the problem (as long as I'm using good cultural practices such 
>as watering early, etc.).

So far I've had little mildew in my garden area probably because its so open.  
Mostly its on all the plants in the cooler, damp areas in what I would call 
riparian areas.  It happens lightly every year.  I finally figured out this year 
that it is for sure powdery mildew because its beens so much cooler and 
damper than usual that is been growing more heavily.  I used to think it was 
just dust that settled on the plants during the day and "pooled" in the dew at 
night.  The leaves all look like a dusty car after dew dries in the morning. 

Perhaps your getting pm with the bindweed because the bindweed slows the air 
circulation around your plants.

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