[gardeners] The End Is Near

Cheryl & Erich Schaefer (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 13 Oct 1997 18:27:29 -0400

The intro from the New York George reminded me of a discussion we had on
Gardens some time ago. There are those, like NY George, who wish it was
spring already and who would probably be happy in Louisiana with our other
George who can garden most of the year. Then there are those, like myself,
who would probably have to pack in gardening altogether if I didn't get
some time to rest, and think, and once in a great while read something
other than gardening books and magazines. I'm not on Gardens because there
is no time whatsoever in the growing season for me to deal with the volume.
No, I'm not sorry to see another season come to an end. I really enjoy the
changes, the reevaluation I do in the Fall, the thinking over of plans for
next year during the winter, the catalogs I can read by the wood burning
stove, the renewing of ties to friends and family I badly neglect from
April through November. No, I'm pooped and glad it's time to put everything
to bed. The garden is too big by far already and I know it is just going to
get bigger, so rest we must for yet another growing season; that is, after
we plant the garlic, the dozen trees I grew from cuttings and seed, and all
the bulbs, then weed the beds, add compost, sawdust, and mulch and mulch
and mulch.

 It will be Thanksgiving before it's done, before we are done in. and ready
to use the dried materials for wreaths and arrangements for gifts for
Christmas. Before you know it the catalogs have piled up and you're
gardening again in your head. I need winter by then so I can really vej.
Erich thinks I should deal with the snow so he can rest, but I'm the big
planner, he the big mover. Not all in life is fair. Didn't mean to go on
like this, but there you have it, my unsolicited views on not gardening all
year. Can't wait to hear your responses...Cheryl

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