Re: [gardeners] wine making

Jane Burdekin (
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 05:31:08 -0600

Post the recipe, it sounds interesting.  Thanks, Jane 

> From: Barb Rothenberger <>
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> Subject: [gardeners] wine making
> Date: Monday, October 13, 1997 8:11 PM
> Years ago, when we lived in Clemson, S.C., we tried our hand at making
> from grapes.  Went together with two other couples.  Most of it turned
> pretty good, but not sure it was worth the trouble.  I still hae a few
> recipes for homemade wine made from other ingredients,  One of the best
> for Charleston Rice Wine.  Real easy to make, and I thought it was good
> the time.  Might not like it anymore - yikes1  That was 30 years ago!
> telling my age, ain't I?  anyway, I will post the recipe if anyone wants
> try their hand at it.  Much muc easier than making grape wine.  But then
> you want to use up your grapes.  jelly?
> 	Barb in the now cold midwest.  FINALLY supposed to get cold tonight. 
> to bring in most of the house plants.