Re: [gardeners] The End Is Near

George Shirley (
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 16:16:58 -0500 (CDT)

At 12:22 PM 10/14/97 -0700, you wrote:
>At 10:54 AM 10/14/97 +0000, you wrote:
>>> I'm with you, Cheryl.  I have a greenhouse, and love that, but as for the
>>> outdoor garden, I'm focused now on soil improvement.  That's true of every
>>> fall, and I can't wait for the leaves to fall.  Free nutrients.  I used to
>>> drive around neighborhoods looking for people bagging leaves so I could ask
>>> if I could have their leaves for my garden.  Very few were already promised
>>> to other gardeners, so rakers and baggers were delighted I wanted their
>>> leaves.  Most even helped me load them into the pickup.  I have a camper
>>> top, so can hold about 25 bags (if I slam the tailgate and/or the back
>>> window fast enough).  Margaret
>>This is good to hear, Margaret. I'm planning on hustling leaves this 
>>fall and have been worried that people would think I'm whacko (don't 
>>say it, George).  Believe it or not, the only reason I didn't go out 
>>leaf hustling last year is that I was intimidated by how I thought 
>>people might react.  Dumb, huh.  But this is Idaho and I had a vision 
>>of folks with rifles and hunting dogs.
>I'll tell you the whole story, then, Liz.  Several years ago I ran an ad in
>a weekly advertising pub. that was delivered to every home, asking for
>"free fertilizer for my garden."  I got 27 calls, only one from another
>gardener saying if I had more offers than I could handle, would I give her
>the extra name or names?  I selected a livery stable because they had a
>mountain of aged horse manure and bedding, and it was easy to get to.
>Friends joined me in hauling manure away.  Dump trucks full, and I had
>several pickups full.  We didn't make a dent in the mountain.  
>Be sure you always specify what you're asking for is for your garden. Even
>Idahoans think that's charming.  With your cultah-ed Sothron accent and
>all, you may charm them out of more than you bargained for. ;-)) Margaret
Anne contacted some folks on the outskirts of town and now has all the race
horse manure mixed with rice hulls that she can haul in the T-Bird. Gotta
get a pickemup truck.