Re: [gardeners] The End Is Near

Barfy Dog (
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 14:10:23

Just the old "Oops, the belt must have slipped and look, my robe opened in
the breeze!" story. Liz, I swear it really was an embarrassing accident.
<g> Of course, had I known that after the incident the trash collectors
would cart off 6 foot poles sunk in cement in the green garden debris
containers, I might have arranged the accident long ago. <g>
zone 9/10 22/23

At 02:40 PM 10/14/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Barfy Dog <> wrote:
>> 	Here in L.A., we all receive 3 trash containers, a small yellow for glass
>> and cans, a green one for garden debris and a black for everything else.
>> Extra containers are charged at a monthly fee. If you have more than the
>> containers will hold and don't want to pay, you're SOL. (Or you can
>> accidently expose yourself as I did one morning and now they take anything
>> form me but that's a whole other story.<g>)
>That sounds like a *very* interesting story.  Do tell your fellow 
>gardeners all about it.  Everybody can sit back, relax, put your feet 
>up and I'll give yall some drinks.  Now that we're all relaxed feel 
>free to tell us all about it, Marcelle.