[gardeners] Raspberries, tomatoes, flowers.

Liz Albrook (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 16:38:33 +0000

We're enjoying Indian Summer here in Idaho.  Just had a few 
raspberries and found a black krim tomato that had ripened in a 
hidden location.  Ate the berries because the NGP might have wanted 
some but am saving the tomato to share with him.  The scarlet lobelia 
is blooming its heart out and some freesia I had tossed onto the 
compost heap are bud ladened.  The chiles and bell peppers are still 
going strong as are the thai eggplants.  I've got all sorts of salad 
greens that have come up from seed set by the spring crop.  It's a 
nice 72 degrees out.

We have had a horde of tiny, bugs like fuzzy blue-white aphids with 
wings settle on our area.  I have no idea what they are but there are 
literally millions of them in the yard.  When the light hits them 
just right they look like swarming pixies.  No one has any idea what 
they are but we have all started watching them.

There are apples drying in the dehydrator scenting the house and I
brought in a big bunch of zinnias and dahlias to add some color. I
hope it stays this way for another month or two and that all of you
guys are enjoying weather as beautiful as we are having.