Re: [gardeners] The End Is Near

Catharine Vinson (
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 11:17:25 +0000

Cheryl wrote:

> >. Didn't mean to go on
> >like this, but there you have it, my unsolicited views on not gardening all
> >year. Can't wait to hear your responses...Cheryl

Terry wrote:

> Amen!

Ditto. Gardening is nearly year round in Atlanta, but the lull from 
mid-November until seed starting time in mid-January is the only thing 
that lets me even make a pretense of cleaning house, having a social life 
that doesn't revolve around plants, etc.

Catharine, who is feeling very, very virtuous because she washed out and 
disinfected nearly 200 seed starting flats *before* she left for trip. 
Everything is all clean and stored away awaiting January seeing frenzy. 
Also cleaned up potting shed within an inch of its life. Would that I were 
so diligent with the kitchen <bg>.