Re: [gardeners] Lurkers Come Out/Autumn Rain

Catharine Vinson (
Sat, 18 Oct 1997 00:01:23 +0000

I'm late with an intro. Have been out of town for the past couple of 
weeks. Was awfully nice to come home to find notes from so many gardeners 
who have joined this list.

I know a number of folks here from other places, but lots are new faces to 
me. Not much to say about me, except I'm a garden addict. I garden in 
Atlanta and try my luck with perennials (mostly natives), herbs, and 
edibles. This last season I went a bit overboard with the 
tomatoes....about 100 different varieites. Mostly open pollinated, or 
heirloom varieites. I'm in the process of catching the pepper bug. I'm 
terminal when it comes to basil...about 30 kinds from seed this year. Ah, 
and then there's lettuce: I'm on my way to chronic. About a dozen new 
varieties going at the moment. 

This time of year I am busy cleaning up for next year. Send in the first 
seed order last week. Sick, sick, sick. Next week will start slathering on 
the manure in ernest and will plant the last of the cover crops. 

About the only things blooming in quantity this time of year are the first 
of the camellias (sasanquas), fall asters, roses (The Fairy is going gang 
busters), and some recurring bloom daylillies.

Atlanta, zone 7b