Re: [gardeners] Bulb planting and stuff

Cheryl & Erich Schaefer (
Mon, 20 Oct 1997 09:50:29 -0400

>I had big plans for today, but fell short of my expectations, only got
>about a third of my bulbs planted today.

Cynthia got a lot more done than I did. Thanks to my daughter moving out
this weekend, I managed only to move and divide some daylilies, which
weren't as difficult as I expected, seeing as how the two fork method
really works well.  I just had to get coral and salmon beauties out of the
pink/blue/purple/red area.Having created this scheme over time, these two
daylilies just looked like they didn't belong. Replaced them with two
divisions of raspberry/bluish rose ones and moved the others to a bed that
is primarily oranges, yellows, blue and white. Sounds organized, doesn't
it? Read heavy emphasis on primarily. There is always a renegade coming up
somewhere and I never take anything out when it's in bloom even if it's
driving me crazy. this year it was a gorgeous echinacea, as magenta as they
can get, right in the middle of the oranges and yellows, which reminds me I
want to move it. It never ends...thank goodness...Cheryl

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