Re: [gardeners] Hey Yall!

Beulah Mae (
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 23:08:12 +0000

Catharine Vinson <> wrote:

Doc Sniffy!  Well I ain't thought about that old coot since Aunt
Edna had that bad case of the vapors after she was visitin the Rev.
Billy Bob Thornton down in Loozyana.  Remember when her and Jimbo
went down to New Orleans and Jimbo was trying to peddle them fake
Mardi Gras doubloons he made outta them corn cobs.  Sometimes I
thank that boy is touched, like when he went out to the shed with
all them cobs and that Dremel he got from somebody called Barking
Marcie of all things. Shaved them corn cobs right down and sliced em
purty as you please, painted em up and put Rover 1987 on em.  I kept
telling that boy that the name of that parade was Rex and not Rover.
It's a wonder him and Aunt Edna didn't get throwed in jail so hard 
that the Rev. couldn't get em out again.  Woulda, too, if the police
hadn't been so drunk on account of it being Mardi Gras and all.  You
know ole Jimbo tole me that Aunt Edna showed a little cleavage to
that judge is how they got off with a fine and their own
recognizance after Jimbo done cheated them tourists outta their
money.  I don't really believe him but it is a kinda funny story
when you think about it, what with Aunt Edna's advanced years and

I sure wonder how the Rev. is doing.  Course, that was the last time 
Aunt Edna ate red beans and rice.  Hope everthang is okay with your 

Yeah, I got the trailer on the Aunt Fanny plan.  I reckon I better 
see if I can get B. Lawndale down in Boise to put some of these bills 
in her account and write me a check for that property.  It's got a 
tree on it,  real honest to goodness grown up sycamore tree.  You 
know, there's a Revenuer done moved in just down the trailer court 
from me.  He seems like a purty nice fellow but he keeps acting like 
he wants me to buy him dinner.  I may live in a trailer but I'm a 
lady and I ain't buying no man any dinner.  Anyhow, I'm thanking that 
may make that peeper back off.

I done got rid of Billy Mac.  I don't cotton to people who cut their 
toenails while I'm trying to watch TV.  Thank I'm going to get me one 
of them quiet types next.

Cousin Beulah Mae
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