Re: [gardeners] Hey Yall!

Catharine Vinson (
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 15:26:14 +0000

Well, now Beulah Mae, it's about time you spoke up. I'd been a thinking 
that maybe that peeper had gotten you down. Bad enough he's been trying to 
get hisself a looksee when you're in the privy with yer knickers down, but 
hearing that he's moved in to the trailer court next to you made my poor 
old heart skip a bunch of beats. Heart was going so funny that I had to 
get Jimbo to crank up the old truck and haul me into town so old Doc 
Sniffy could look me over. Whooooeee! That man's a character....he's 
jest got to stick his honker into everyplace on a body. It's a wonder he 
don't get warts, too.

Anyway, about your trailer. I'm real pleased you done got it paid down. 
Did you use any of that money that Aunt FAnny sent you? If you did, you 
best be real careful that you don't use no more of it in town for a while. 
Fanny said that the number printer that she and Jimbo rigged up has been 
acting kinda funny and keeps printing the same numbers on each and every 
bill. Something about Jimbo getting distracted thinking about Miz Dolly 
Parton's measurements while he was setting the counter.

I asked Chatty Cathy about your helitrope and she said that your might be 
able to carry it over if you sing Dixie to it every night and bring it in 
the house and set it right next to your genuine Scarlett and Rhett dolls 
that I sent you when got out of diapers and into Big Girl Pants. 

Well, I gotta run. I read what you're doing to make that trailer look all 
festive and fancy for Halloween that I figure I gotta get me to the store 
and get some stuff to decorate my place, too. Can't have you being the 
only member of this family that's got more class than Miz Martha Stewart. 

Your Cousin,