[gardeners] Hey Yall!

Beulah Mae (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 22:32:51 +0000

Hey Yall!  Beulah Mae here sneaking onto the computer at Lizzie Lu's 
place.  Wanted to tell yall all about my gardens.

Last time I talked to yall I had just got my trailer.  Well, it's all 
paid off now so I own it free and clear.  I am now a homeowner!  
Yeah, I know it's just a trailer but it's mine and it's home.  

Ize having a bunch of trouble with that old peeper that moved into 
the sleazy trailer court next door that I done been out looking for a 
piece of land all of my own.  Here in Idaho they have passed a law 
that sez they gotta let me park my trailer in any place with 
residental zoning -- cain't discriminate against us trailer folk no 
more.  Anyway, since the trailer's paid off I'ma gonna be moving it 
onto a little piece of land on Prospect Ave. what overlooks the Snake 

I got me a brugmansia in a big pot what has yellow flowers that I 
gotta bring in.  Luckily I gots me a big pitcher window to put it in. 
I gots some heliotrope what is growin and smelling good.  Kin I dig 
it up and will it live if I put it in the window?

I got some corn stalks from Lizzie Lu that I tied in a bundle and I 
got me a couple a bales of hay so I done put out my fall decorations. 
I kin move it over to the new digs pretty easy.  Got me a pile of 
corn cobs in case ole Jimbo shows up. I grew me a mess of punkins 
this year and thank I'm going to make me a punkin totem pole for 
Halloween.  Gonna cut the top and bottom outta them punkins and carve 
faces in 'em.  I got a fluorexcent light with just one bulb that's 
four feet long.  Gonna stack those punkins long ways down that light 
and turn that sucker on.  I figure won't nobody else have one of them 
for Halloween.  Watcha think?

Anybody seen Aunt Edna and Aunt Fanny and DeDe and everbody?  I'm 
gettin lonesome for some of my family.  

Yall let me no about my heliotrope, okay?

Cousin Beulah Mae
who's keepin the seat warm cause she ain't dead yet