Re: [gardeners] Anyone Home

....ed (
Wed, 29 Oct 1997 18:00:59 -0500

i'm here Liz, and the DOA garden police are not going to catch me  behind
this year!  The bulbs are in (are right side up too).  i've got the
vegetable and  flower gardens limed, cleaned up, and put to bed. The winter
rye is up and the re-seeded back pasture has Timothy shin high.  The old
garden roses are trimmed and the fallen oak leaves have been chipped and
spread into the lawn.  i cut some bitter sweet and gave a naturally grown
wreath of it to a friend to hang on their back door.  Heck, i had time to
trim some of the Canadian Hemlock and have some Euonymus cuttings indoor
rooting for next year.  The only thing left is the mulching of the
clematis....ed, who has been subscribed for a couple of weeks and is happy
to receive a post.  

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> Subject: [gardeners] Anyone Home
> Date: Thursday, October 30, 1997 5:45 AM
> Anyone home or are we down?