Re: [gardeners] Obsessions

Terry King (
Thu, 30 Oct 97 20:53:08 -0600

On Thu, 30 Oct 1997 14:49:27 +0000, Liz Albrook wrote:

>Lets take a shot at a thread that everyone who gardens probably 
>holds near and dear to his or her heart:  obsessions.  Some folks are 
>obsessed with tomatoes and basil, some with chiles, some with unusual 
>herbs or spiky pink flowers or even garden "art" -- the schlockier 
>the better.  What's yours and how did you get it?

My garden obsessions very from year to year.  This year its been unusual 
varigated plants.  I added to my collection Burgandy Glow Ajuga, Varigated Mint 
Rose scented geranium, Varigated Marjoram, Tricolored Sage, Silver Thyme, 
Lemon Thyme, and a varigated zonal geranium that I can't remember the name 
of at the moment.  I'm seriously lusting after Varigated Willow and Varigated 

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