Re: [gardeners] Planning Ahead

Cheryl & Erich Schaefer (
Wed, 5 Nov 1997 01:18:52 -0500

>>Help, help, help!  I've got to plan ahead.  Tell me what to do.
>>And please, don't tell me not to panic.  Panic is all that's keeping
>>me from going nuts.
>Shucks Liz, it'll all work out. I had my last heart attack in the middle of
>August, peak harvest time for us. Since I do all the canning, preserving
>and freezing it just didn't get done that once. The whole family was
>standing around waiting for me to kick off to see who got the pressure
>canner and the 40-quart stockpot. Think of your surgery as a time of
>transition and when you find out who your friends really are.  Besides,
>gardening is kinda like sex, three-fourths of the fun of it is the planning
>and thinking. ;-))

Liz, I do hope you can get your doctor to change the date to suite your
life better, i.e. earlier or later (and whenever, I wish you well). Seems
terribly unfair to have to have surgery and then to have it at a most
inopportune time. Not that George's unexpected ticker attack in mid summer
is any better, but at least one can recognize stuff in mid summer and pull
only weeds.

We cannot, however, listen to George any longer after having him equate
gardening and sex, grin or no grin. Three-fourths of the fun in sex is
planning and thinking indeed! Statistically sex takes about 15 minutes for
most people. That would mean 45 minutes prep time for real fun totalling a
whole hour. A whole hour perhaps once a week (if you're lucky). Gardening
takes many hours more - daily - and gives lasting pleasure in both planning
and execution, especially in the South where you can do it all the time, as
you are quick to point out to us, George. So, no contest, and no
comparison. I hasten to add, however, that a little thought and planning
could probably improve most sex, just as it improves the garden. You may be
on to something after all. Liz, this probably will not help much re
gardening this spring but perhaps you will have time to contemplate this
issue and help the rest of us improve our sex lives AND our gardens.<VBG>

Cheryl Schaefer
beautiful hand painted fibers
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