[gardeners] How does your garden grow?

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 09 Nov 1997 18:35:27

Either it's too cold in the rest of the world or everyone is taking a day
of rest. No word of world-wide gardens so guess it's up to me.

Harvested a large plastic bowl, about a half-peck, of serranos, jalapenos,
Longhorns, and bell peppers today. Not to mention about six fairly large
cucumbers. Miz Anne transplanted some more lettuce today and we look to
have enough to feed the world. The broccoli is absolutely beautiful as is
the cabbage. No loopers as yet and I'm hoping we won't have that scourge to
deal with this winter. Radishes are tasty and the greens make a change for
meals. The green beans are blooming apace and the favas are still growing
straight up.

Was gonna start yanking the azaleas out where I want the new herb garden to
go but have been devastated by a terrific headache today. Guess I'll start
Monday afternoon.

Kick in people, I need a fix.

George, don't forget veterans day is Tuesday. My bumper sticker says "If
you love freedom, hug a veteran." Give your spouse, Dad, brother, uncle,
friend a hug and say thank you.