Re: [gardeners] How does your garden grow?

George Shirley (
Sun, 09 Nov 1997 19:43:02

At 08:01 PM 11/9/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>Either it's too cold in the rest of the world or everyone is taking a day
>>of rest. No word of world-wide gardens so guess it's up to me.
>>Harvested a large plastic bowl, about a half-peck, of serranos, jalapenos,
>>Longhorns, and bell peppers today. Not to mention about six fairly large
>>cucumbers. Miz Anne transplanted some more lettuce today and we look to
>>have enough to feed the world. The broccoli is absolutely beautiful as is
>>the cabbage. No loopers as yet and I'm hoping we won't have that scourge to
>>deal with this winter. Radishes are tasty and the greens make a change for
>>meals. The green beans are blooming apace and the favas are still growing
>>straight up.
>I have a couple of ripe tomatoes left.:-) A row cover will take care of
>those loopers, George.

So does a bug light and it's more fun to watch. Die cabbage moth, die. ;-))
>>Was gonna start yanking the azaleas out where I want the new herb garden to
>>go but have been devastated by a terrific headache today. Guess I'll start
>>Monday afternoon.
>Geez, I can't get azaleas to grow well and you're yanking them just like
>that. Now I AM jealous.

If you lived closer I would give some of them to you. I pull them out of
the ground without digging and then just set them where I want them to
grow. Mulch with some leaves and they start growing again. I don't like
them, bloom once a year and then just sit there looking grey-green and
sending up shoots I have to prune. Miz Anne likes them so we, I guess, will
always have some. Down here they're like Rose of Sharon, a blasted pest to
some of us and a care free plant for others.
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