[gardeners] how does your garden grow

Barb Rothenberger (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 06:43:18 -0600

	Yesterday was NOT a very pretty day - cloudy and gloomy.  Didn't do much
in the yard, but DID sweet the deck off.  Before you go snickering, we have
a HUGE deck. some of you may have remembered me bragging about it (my
design) - part of the deck is the roof of our double car carport.  Anyway,
the berries are still hanging onto the deciduous holly, but some have
fallen off onto the deck.  Usually what happens is a flock of cardinals,
robins, something will come in and completely clean the shrubs, but they
are pretty while they last and the birds are fun to watch.
	I LOVE bald cypress, but it sure can make a mess while it is shedding its
leaves!  Can't sweep, rake etc., mostly have to just PICK them up!  Even
got energetic and swept off the drive way and walk. Cherry has most of its
leaves down.  Soon will have to think about raking, but wait a little
longer.  They were calling for SNOW here last night, but ground wasn't
white this morning. Supposed to take some friends to the Lake outlet mall
for a marathon day of shopping on Wed. and they are calling for more snow.
chicken little does NOT like to drive in the snow if I don't have to.
	George, all your cole crops sound so wonderful - would love some nice
fresh radishes right now.  Had our Light Gourmet group dinner last night
and I took appetizers.  Made my egg plant dip and curry dip - served those
little baby carrots with the curry dip.  LOVE those little things - so nice
and easy to eat.  Anyone grow them? We just don't even try carrots here.
	Cheryl, your delphinium sounds lovely. Do love those plants that like the
cooler weather, but they aren't too crazy about Missouri summers.  When we
were in England this summer, we visited a nursery and were tempted to take
back some plants.  a friend who was with us from Topeka remarked"If we
bought thses plants and took them home to plant in our gardens, the plants
would think they had died and gone to hell!"
	Barb in the mid-west - who will try to rememr to give hubby a special hug
tomorrow. Sorry about your headache George - migrane?  Our olest daughter
gets them and they are NOT fun.  Have you tried feverfew? I bought some
pills for her to try.  Think she's married to her biggest cause of her
headaches, but that's something she will have to discover for herself!
Barb Rothenberger
Columbia, Mo
home of the Mizzou Tigers - who ALMOST beat Nebraska Sat.Dem Tigers be Tough!