Re: [gardeners] Wednesday

Cheryl & Erich Schaefer (
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 19:36:51 -0500

>Steady rain and somewhat chilly today, no gardening out of doors. Miz Anne
>got a chest cold and I'm cooking her some comfort food, potato/shallot soup
>with a little chicken bouillion in it. I had to buy the potatoes and
>bouillion but the rest is stuff we grew including the Mexican tarragon that
>is flavoring the soup. Well, technically I didn't grow the black pepper but
>I did grind it with my Turkish coffee grinder.
>Miss Sleepy Dawg Shirley is lying on my right foot lightly snoring and I'm
>waiting for Harry Boswell of Mississippi gardening and astronomy fame to
>stop by this afternoon. He's on his way to San Antone, Texas to watch his
>eldest son graduate from USAF school. Maybe we'll go eat some gumbo somewhere.

Hope Anne is feeling better after your ministrations. Just who is this
Harry Boswell? Is he more famous for gardening or astronomy? The name rings
a faint bell. Or am I thinking of another Boswell? BTW, one of our cats,
Mr. Sylvester, snores lightly. It's a far more comforting sound than
Erich's, who I always fear will choke.

Cheryl Schaefer
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