Re: [gardeners] Great Garden Mistakes

Liz Albrook (
Sun, 28 Dec 1997 11:31:56 +0000

Wow, am I glad this subject came up here because no way I could post 
this on that other list.

I've only made one serious gardening mistake in my life.  The reason 
is that I compulsively read and investigate everything before I do 
it, including everything about plants, soil, etc.  I've made several 
minor mistakes but no biggies except this one.

What was the one mistake -- I listened to that gardening guru 
Margaret Lauterbach.  That's right, beware of Margaret for she can 
wreck a perfectly innocent garden and destroy the life of innocent 
gardeners.  I will tell you how she does it.

She recommends varieties of plants, veggies in particular, that taste 
good and grow well.  So you learn to trust her.  Then one day she 
talks about this variety of zucchini that you've never grown but have 
seen in a couple of catalogues -- zucchini costata romanesco.  She 
tells you how wonderful the flavor is.  She suggests you plant it 
because it is much better than other varieties of zucchinis.  You 
plant it.  By mid-summer your entire backyard is covered in green 
thighs and you find the bodies of your missing nephews who were stung 
to death by the writhing vines.  You assume that you did something 
wrong like show the plants a bag of fertilizer or, heavens, actually 
tossed some in the general direction of the plants.

Then you find out that Margaret didn't actually try this variety 
herself.  But thanks for the information because now she knows better 
than to plant it in her garden.


Liz  :-p