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Sun, 28 Dec 1997 20:33:30 +0000

Lucinda wrote:

> No, it'll still rot.  I'd take all the organic matter I could get for free.

Mother continues her ill-concealed plot to get me to move to the Hill 
Country. Today, we were driving around after lunch and she directed 
me to a side street in town. We drove for a bit and then I hit the 
brakes. A veritable mountain of well-aged horse and cow manure was in 
the middle of a lot. I'd judge it was about 50 feet by 35 feet by 10 
feet high. I asked Mother, "Who owns all that?" She said, "Oh, it's 
always there. You can take all you want for free here. Just get a 
truck and they'll even help you load it up."

Mother knows how to fight, eh?