Re: [gardeners] Great Garden Mistakes

Marianne Lepa (
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 18:49:41 -0500

At 10:16 AM 12/31/97 -0600, you wrote:
>I agree George.  When I plant summer squashes I plant 25 of each variety, 
>including zucchini.  I'm usually lucky enough to harvest half a dozen baby 
>zucchini, 3 or 4 yellow crookneck and 1 patty pan before they get frost
>If the constata romanesco is so agressive perhaps it would grow here quickly 
>even with our cool nights.
>Terry King                  North Central Eastern Washington
>        USDA zone 4, Sunset Zone 1

Hi Terry,

I'm curious about your climate that it would make it so difficult to grow
these squashes. I've grown all of these quite successfully in zone 4,
central Canada. How cool is cool? Our nights wouldn't get much over 60F
until late July, but I would usually harvest summer squash a couple of
weeks before then. Do you also get the long, cool, wet springs that the
more coastal people get? 

Southeastern Ontario AgCan zone 5b