Re: Garden decor was Re: [gardeners] 'Bright Lights'

Margaret Lauterbach (
Tue, 06 Jan 1998 08:47:55 -0700

>>I'm not into a "beautiful" garden.  I think the more fun one has
>>in the garden, the more fun it is.
>Hear, hear, I want to have about 200 pink flamingos in the front yard but
>Anne won't let me buy any. Everyone comments on her landscaping in the
>front flower gardens and she graciously accepts the compliments. Truth is
>known she just chucks stuff in there and it just kinda grows. No rhyme or
>reason, no ordered rows, just a mix of stuff that looks like it came up
>wild. There's always something in bloom, always interesting textures and
>colors of green (and brown!) and sometimes there's a little white dog with
>black spots peeking out as she hunts lizards and toads.
Someone said garden "bed" and Lillian went for it. ;-))))  

George, I think Anne knows exactly what she's doing when she just "chucks
stuff in there...."  She doesn't tell you to go plant stuff "anywhere" does
she?I know those little dogs that hunt toads.  Act like they've got peanut
butter on the roof of their mouth after they catch one.  Margaret, whose
beagle couldn't tell the difference between a toad and a mouse by sight,
but sure could tell the difference by taste.